About Spines

Tell your story, simplify your journey.

The world of publishing has changed little since the days of Gutenberg and beckons for transformation..

Writing is not just about words; it’s an act of heart, a labor of love. Our mission at Spines is to ensure that your passionate work finds its way to readers with unmatched speed and ease.

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Harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI, Spines revolutionizes every facet of the publishing odyssey, from editing, proofreading, and formatting to cover design, distribution, and marketing on every possible channel and platform..

Simply upload your manuscript and, within days, witness the magic of its metamorphosis into a published masterpiece, gracing readers globally. Our experienced editors await at the mere click of a button.

Monitor your success and safeguard your rights with simple royalty management across an extensive network of global channels. Your creation is invaluable, and we pledge to uphold its essence, ensuring it reaches its full potential and is savored by your readers.

Why Spines?

Conceived by writers, fostered by the visionaries behind Israel’s leading publishing company, and powered by top-tier technologists, Spines emerged from our personal narratives of challenge and ambition. We have already helped thousands of authors reach millions of readers.

Stories are the backbone of our culture, storytelling makes us human.

Spines – the same old story. Retold.

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